Ways to Give Back

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson -American Poet

Shoes for the Orphaned Soul

I love to give, it makes my heart happy. For myself, I find doing something for others very rewarding. Sometimes I even feel I have been blessed far more than the person I am helping or serving.

As an author, there is a purpose to my writing. Every book has a message I want the reader to take away. Scenes and the dialogue are strategically written to encourage the reader, offering hope and positive life lessons.

I believe in my projects, they are important to me. Sure, selling my books  would be great, but it is not the motivating factor behind writing them. Because I am dedicated to the lessons I hope to teach, I decided that with each book I write, I would practice what my message hopefully teaches. For example, in Liberty Layne and the One-Girl Rebelution, Liberty Layne, a confidently quirky tween, goes on a mission to provide shoes for a homeless shelter through a shoe protest she instigates. She convinces all the students at her school to donate the shoes they were wearing to her cause. Here is an excerpt from the book where Liberty Layne’s mom reminds her of the very incident…

“Liberty Layne O’Shea, you are stronger than you believe yourself to be right now. Where is the girl who had her friends duct tape her to a redwood tree out at Mt. Gilead the last day of summer camp so she could stay longer? Or the girl who organized that shoe protest—the one where you got all of the kids at school to take off their shoes at the end of the day and go home barefoot? “Somebody” donated their shoes to the local women and children’s shelters, and that same “somebody” cleverly convinced many of them to participate by telling them it was a good way to get a new pair of shoes out of their parents. Do you remember how many parents we had standing out on our lawn, protesting your shoe protest? Where is that girl? Where is your fight?”

“I think she ran off with my confidence,” I bellowed in between loud honks from blowing the snot-er-falls that continued to run down my face.

It was time to walk the walk, not just walk the talk. I researched many different organizations and found Buckner International. It was there I discovered Shoes for the Orphaned Soul, a ministry that provides new shoes for orphans in third world countries. They sent me all the information I needed including flyers and posters to organize a shoe drive in my community. I am soooo excited! My family and I will be hosting a shoe drive for Shoes for the Orphaned Soul this fall! What a great way to give back. I can’t wait!

The second book of my Liberty Layne series, Liberty Layne and the Battle of the Couture Clique Club, Liberty and her best friends face off against a group of girl bullies (The Couture Clique Club) at summer camp. The core message in this book is confronting girl bullies…a serious issue among teen girls today!

My teen daughter experienced this issue first hand this summer as she watched a friend become a victim of cyber bullying. This only strengthened my resolve, confirming the importance of addressing girl bullies just as my book Liberty Layne and the Couture Clique does. I knew exactly how I wanted to give back. Jordan (my daughter) and I started an anti-bully campaign, The Mean Girl Extinction Project. You can find it at The-Mean-Girl-Extinction-Project.com. It is a place for victims, parents, and educators to find resources and support when it comes to “mean girls”…girl bullies. I have also offered my time to speak to girls of all ages at schools and youth groups. Knowledge is power, and if we can educate people about the issue of girl bullying, we can work toward riding cliques, schools and our communities of “Mean Girls” all together.

Check out The Mean Girl Extinction Project and find how you can get involved in this anti-bully campaign, or look for information on how to organize a shoe drive in your community through Shoes for the Orphaned Soul.

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