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Did You Know Social Media and Breathing Are One In The Same For Teen Girls?

February 6, 2013


Did you know social media is just as important as breathing for most teenage girls? It’s true! Girls are relationally wired. Relationships with their peers are one of the most important things to them. Social media has opened wide new avenues for teen girls to “relate” or communicate with each other. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram […]

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What Every “One Directioner” Needs

September 27, 2012


One Direction

Are You A One Directioner? Do You know The Words To All Their Songs? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I have some exciting news! Coming soon to a cyberspace near you is my new eBook, The Cure for a One Direction Infection, A Devotional. Perfect for any one directioner. This book […]

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