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Liberty Lane and the One-Girl Rebelution


A judge’s daughter and a criminal’s son go head to head in a corrupt singing competition.


American Idol meets the bible in this modern retelling of the book of Esther re-imagined through quirky thirteen-year-old Liberty Lane O’Shea.


Instead of an ancient beauty pageant, it’s only the biggest singing competition on planet earth! Liberty Lane believes her dreams are about to come true when she is asked to compete for the coveted Hollywood Teen Idol crown. Her dreams are soon dashed when she learns her dad, the Honorable Judge Jack O’Shea, is responsible for putting Sethos, a beastly contestant’s father behind bars for his role in a celebrity cover-up. Fearing she might be exposed, she assumes a false identity. As the competition heats up, Liberty Lane stumbles upon a ghastly plot. Sethos, plans to “exterminate” anyone who might prove a challenge to his rise to fame and the Hollywood Teen Idol crown. Liberty and her super sleuth best friends, Calliope and Lincoln, scheme to foil Sethos and his evil ploys. Everything Liberty Lane stands for—Liberty, justice and truth will be tested when she realizes there is much more at stake than just the Hollywood Teen Idol crown. Is she brave enough to stand against Sethos, risking her identity being exposed, and possibly lose the competition? Or will she choose to mind her own business, putting the Hollywood Teen Idol crown surely within her grasp?

This is the first book in a series. Book two; Liberty Lane and the Battle of the Couture Clique Club, my work in progress, is the modern retelling of David and Goliath. I am having so much fun writing this second book, it takes place at summer camp so of course it’s fun right?!





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