About Me

I am an impeccably put together wife and Mother of the Year. Meeting my family’s every need, I leap tall loads of laundry with ease and conquer errands in a single bound. Creating a fabulously organic and a well-balanced menu daily garnered me the coveted “Sonoma County Premier Parent Chef” Award.


I am actually always…uh, sometimes? Ok fine… very rarely a put together-ish wife and mom. I attempt to meet the needs of my family; often sacrificing showers, cute butt jeans and time. And while we’re speaking of time, I believe there is a hole in mine. I JUST DON’T GET IT! My time seems to always run out.  There’s never enough of it in my day, and I find I am often late for it!

My life is crazy as is my love for Christ. He holds my heart and stirs my desire to share HIS truth, (The Bible). He has given me the most awesome-ist privilege to teach and train girls to understand what truth looks like and how to live and love it.

I am an anti-bully activist, teaching and training hundreds of students and adults each year across the country the nationally recognized anti-bully program called Safe School Ambassadors. I am also the founder of The Mean Girl Extinction Project, an anti-bully non-profit created to address the rise in relational aggression among girls. I speak at girl events, camps, clubs, youth groups and organization as well as lead Combat Mean Workshops and assemblies to both mainstream and faith-based organizations.




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