Are The Apps Your Child Using Dangerous?

January 24, 2015



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As an educator and parent of two teenagers with smart phones,  I am acutely aware there are apps out there that are dangerous and easily accessible to them. It’s not that I  think the creators of these apps are purposely out to harm our children but  I realize any app can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

One thing I was naive to early on was the idea that apps were only dangerous if kids interacted with a “predator.” But what I would soon realize when my daughter returns from a cheer team sleepover, horrified by what one of the girls had on her phone,  was a shocking reality…the one  they need to be protected from were themselves.  So, it is even more important we know WHAT apps are kids are using and HOW they are using them.

Recently, I found a great article on dangerous apps for our kids at They did a fabulous job explaining the app, how it works and why it is dangerous. Check out the article below.

If you know of an app that was not listed in the article but you believe is dangerous, please share it with us here!

9 Most Dangerous Apps for Kids

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