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The Winner Is….

March 19, 2012

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“Drum Roll Please! And the winner is…” Saying good-bye to Liberty Jane has been a mourning process of sorts for me. I know to a lot of you, it might seem trivial. However, Liberty Jane was a character I had written about for almost a year and grown to love. So, it was difficult for […]

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The Jennifer (Author) Diaries: Day 52–Carbonite: An Author’s Best Friend

March 1, 2012


Author and friend Jennifer Alvarez has been amazingly helpful encouraging me as I navigate the road to publication. Her debut novel, The Pet Washer was released at the end of 2011. It is a fabulous book! If you have a daughter, sister, niece or friend ages 9-12 years old, I would highly recommend it. She is also […]

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